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My name is Sandy Renda, leader of Sandy & The Wanderers.  I am extremely proud
of my great band and the reputation that we have built in the last 30 years.  I have
devoted my life to music and making live entertainment the best it can be.

My full time work is in music, with most of my days spent teaching guitar and bass.  
I am also a writer/arranger and a studio musician.

Having a band is an adventure, and we consider it an honor to be a part of the most
important night of your life.  This is a serious business and no one understands that
more than myself and my group.  Every detail is followed right down to the smallest.
We also understand that every Bride and Groom have their own visions of what they
want their wedding to be.  We will help you bring those visions to life, and guide you
every step of the way, from the first dance to the last.  Having a great band adds
class to a wedding reception.

Sandy & The Wanderers know what you and your guests are looking for in a band.  
You want variety and professionalism.  You’ll find that my band’s sound is very
unique, because our singers and musicians are some of the best in the industry.
Chances are you have heard about Sandy & The Wanderers or know someone that
has used us at their affair.  Check out our testimonial section of this web site.  Our
reputation over the past 30 years is impeccable.

Let’s face it, your entertainment is one of the most important parts of  your party or
restuarant/lounge.  You don’t have to believe what you read, the proof is in  what
you hear.  Contact us for upcoming showcases, than you will find out for yourself
just how unique Sandy & The Wanderers really are.

Thank you for your visiting our web site.

Sandy Renda