Q.  How many breaks does the band take in the course of the evening?

A.  There are a few circumstances surrounding this question.  Some of our breaks are dependent on the Maitre’ D
serving schedule, whereas he has to serve courses and would prefer there be no danceable music so your guests may
enjoy their food right away.  After all the courses are served, our breaks are usually no longer
than 15 to 20 minutes after playing at least a 50 minute set.

Q.  Can we have some type of music when the band is on a break?

A.  Yes you can.  Either we can provide background music with a prerecorded CD, or you can arrange to have live
musicians remain on stage to provide the music, at an additional charge.

Q.  How does the band dress for my party?

A.  The majority of our work calls for the band members to wear a tuxedo.  We have uniformed casual wear for some
of the parties that don’t require formal wear.

Q.  How do I pay the band?

A.  You will need a 30% deposit of agreed upon wages at the signing of your contract.  The balance of the contractual
wages can be paid the evening of your party, either cash or check.

Q.  Do you have a female vocalist in your group?

A.  As our groups are structured, our female vocalist comes with our 5 piece and our stellar 7 piece group.